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1. Account registration for trading on Forex4you

Go to the referral link to the website of the broker Forex4you to register an account.

Select the desired language and click "OPEN ACCOUNT"

Fill in the personal data according to the instructions and click "confirm and continue".

IMPORTANT!!! The data must specify the real, so there were no problems with the broker! Your account passwords will be sent to your e-mail. Keep them and don't lose them.

You will receive a confirmation code on your phone. Enter it and click "Confirm and continue".

After that, your account will open with an already open dollar account. IT IS NOT RELOADABLE! To operate robot Bot Wall Street 3.2.1 create cent account Cent NDD account with leverage 1:500 swap-free.

On this account registration and a New account at the broker Forex4you completed.


2. Verification of account on Forex4you.

Verified account gives you maximum protection of your account, as well as additional features. The benefits of a verified account:

· Deposit and withdrawal of funds with the amount more than 1000 USD;

· Instant transfers between trading accounts in your personal account;

· PAMM service for trust management and investment;

· Use for input and output international currency Bank transfer;

· Free Autochartist MT4 plugin.

Required documents for account verification

1. Proof of identity (passport or driver's license);

2. Document confirming the place of residence (easier to use as a passport page with a residence permit)


3. Account replenishment

The Forex4you brokerage account is your main account, which is used by the WSB Robot and is displayed in the MetaTrader4 terminal.

It you Deposit to increase the Deposit and that it removed the money. To Deposit, click [Deposit\withdrawal], then choose the payment system through which you will replenish the account, account Type: Cent NDD, enter the required amount, leave a credit bonus 0%.

Please note that the withdrawal in the future will be carried out on the same payment details (payment system, Bank account, Bank card) from which the account was replenished. The deposited funds will not be available for withdrawal for 30 days.


4. Virtual server connection

The virtual server allows the MetaTrader 4 terminal to work with the WSB robot around the clock, respectively, to open and open orders regardless of the time of day.

1. Go to website: ForexBox.com , register a new account, and click the ORDER FOREX BOX SERVER (FX1) button on 1 terminal.

You must enter the Pro-code A1548SHN to receive the discount. Then follow the instructions, special problems with payment should not arise. After payment, save the data for access. Now configure your computer for remote connection - in the start menu--All programs--Standard -- remote desktop Connection. Run this application and enter the data to connect to the virtual server.

After successful authorization, you should have such a workspace as in the screenshot below:


5. Installing the MetaTrader 4 terminal on a virtual server.

The MetaTrader 4 terminal is the main application that allows you to monitor and make transactions for the purchase and sale of currencies in the Forex market.

It is on this application that the Robot works. Download the application file MetaTrader4 on your computer (Download), unpack the archive, copy the folder and transfer it to a remote desktop. Run the installation file.

After installation, the trading platform will open, where you will need to select the trading server that was assigned when you opened an account on the site Forex4you.ru (For example, EGlobal-Cent2). Then choose your account number and enter the username and password that you used to create the account. Just this login and password broker sent to your email.


7. The installation of the WSB robot for MetaTrader 4.

Once you have received the archive with the robot Wall Street Boy should install it on the terminal MetaTrader4.

Included with the robot in the archive contains sets for each currency pair, additional sets can be taken above.  

Sets are individual trading settings, according to which the Forex robot works in principle.

1. Unpack the archive with the robot and the sets. Sets can be selected from point 6;

2. Right-click to copy the robot file (ex4 file extension);

3. Go to the remote desktop, in the MetaTrader 4 terminal window open the File -> Open data directory tab;

4. Open the MQL4 -> Experts folder in the window that appears and right-click to paste the previously copied file with the WSB robot;

5. Close the file Windows and go to the terminal window;

6. In the left part of the terminal window there is an additional Indicators window, select expert Advisors, right-click and click on the [Update] button. In the list of advisors we will have our Robot WallStreet Bot;

7. Next, install all the necessary currency pairs on the working area of the terminal, by dragging them. The list of Currency pairs can be found in the archive with the sets in the nd folder; the Icon for selecting currency pairs is located in the upper left part of the terminal with the "+ " sign";

8. After installing all the currency pairs, drag and drop our expert Advisor Wall Street Boy on each pair holding the left mouse button;

9. After you attach the EA to the terminal screen changes color and is displayed with the name of the robot WSB;

10. On each currency pair, switch the timeframe from M1 to H1;

11. Next, click on the smiley on the right side of the screen and add to each currency pair of your set with the settings and click [OK].  When adding sets, be sure to put a tick next to " allow trading";

12. We check all the parameters: the robot's Smiley should smile, the auto trade button on the terminal should be active. New orders that the robot starts to open should appear in the lower part of the window.

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